My Writings

A Letter to Friends

Dear friends, Soon, our lives won’t ever cross again. I say this with some sadness… Though we may still be friends, we have since grown into middle-aged adults who have become more and more comfortable in their own skin, protective of our time. I know for a fact that many of us right now areContinue reading “A Letter to Friends”

Short Codes, Big Effects

The set of short codes in all programming languages that have significant, and perhaps unexpected effects is a particularly fascinating one, because often the most seemingly innocent codes can cause a variety of problems. Some of the most clever lines of code ever written (like the one-liners in Python) rely on hugely compact writing, approachingContinue reading “Short Codes, Big Effects”

The Overlooked Death of Fan Mail

It is quite fitting that after indulging in Susanne Sundfor’s therapeutical songs of amorous disappointment, that I discover that personal communication between artists and the masses that are geographically remote has vanished, or at least has been forgotten with few clues to its disappearance. Twitter and a plethora of other social media on the internetContinue reading “The Overlooked Death of Fan Mail”


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