Effortless Contributions: Computers, Environment, and Social Causes

“The biggest problem the Eurocentric world is facing right now is…” is a sentence with no valid ending to it. Every contribution has its costs, and far far, far down on the list is Green Software. Still, there is no reason that we cannot implement some basic measures to curb climate change, especially if itContinue reading “Effortless Contributions: Computers, Environment, and Social Causes”

A Re-Call to Sustainable Eating

We’ve heard oh so often, how we must curb our release of carbon into the atmosphere. Covid has shown us that our emissions are huge, even if planes were mostly grounded and we travelled less. The initial reaction to this is fatalism: Global Warming is unstoppable. Are we doomed? Westerners would disagree. Europe is inContinue reading “A Re-Call to Sustainable Eating”