The Overlooked Death of Fan Mail

It is quite fitting that after indulging in Susanne Sundfor’s therapeutical songs of amorous disappointment, that I discover that personal communication between artists and the masses that are geographically remote has vanished, or at least has been forgotten with few clues to its disappearance. Twitter and a plethora of other social media on the internetContinue reading “The Overlooked Death of Fan Mail”


Why Having Children Might not be Immoral After All

In a previous article, I argued that having children is immoral. I’m not fond of controversial statements, so I’ve given this topic a lot of thought. I still hold this view, begrudgingly, for the simple reason that I would still love to have my own children. If I was going to have children, then IContinue reading “Why Having Children Might not be Immoral After All”

Back to Basics: Pushing your JavaScript Performance to the Max

Javascript was not invented as a language for performance sake. However, due to the sheer amount of apps that are being built on node.js, it is impossible that none of them suffer from this performance problems, even with databse indexing, redis caching, etc. A few fixes have been proposed to reduce unnecessary operations, such asContinue reading “Back to Basics: Pushing your JavaScript Performance to the Max”

Some Thoughts on Men’s Health

It seems that this year’s International Men’s Day is being celebrated with a little more enthusiasm than that of other years. It certainly helps when the discrimination against a well known male movie actor eclipses this day, but I believe that the focus on men is part of a growing movement that is responding feminismContinue reading “Some Thoughts on Men’s Health”

A Quick Philosophy of Fat

We have differing opinions on fat, yet few people have ever explored this subject in depth. There is clearly an aesthetics of fat, because we’ve seen from the Venus of Willendorf, or the sistine chapel to today’s fashion models, that views on fat have changed over the millennia. But we do not have a non-aestheticContinue reading “A Quick Philosophy of Fat”

Programming as a Writing Discipline

Perhaps the most misunderstood idea about programming, I think, is that writing code has nothing to do with art. Introductory courses or books to programming, while challenging to the point that as much as half of students quit halfway through, never teach coding to be a writing discipline, which is a shame, given that oneContinue reading “Programming as a Writing Discipline”

The Vital Lessons of Horror

Previously published on Medium “Wake up. You are still sleepy, but you must get up. Eat breakfast, don’t question it. Wash yourself, brush your teeth, put your clothes on. Go to school. Never mind that you don’t like it, do it anyway, learn what they teach you, Or you won’t get to eat. You needContinue reading “The Vital Lessons of Horror”

COVID-19 Might Just Save Us All

Previously published on Medium. With many organizations (and countries) going on lockdown, it may be seem unconventional to be talking about anything positive. Yet, I cannot help but think, that humanity might come out of this far better off than before. That is, if humanity gets through this crisis at all. For now, in our immediateContinue reading “COVID-19 Might Just Save Us All”

My Problem with Lodash

Previously published on Medium Lodash has been hailed as an essential library for JavaScript, with good reason. It is a library that provides plenty of functions, some more intuitive than others, that make the job of a developer much easier. However, an over-reliance on lodash can come with costs of efficiency, as well as readabilityContinue reading “My Problem with Lodash”

Why Having Children is Immoral

Previously published on Medium It was all too surprising to me when it exactly it was that I have felt significantly younger than the age that I officially was. I noticed a few months ago, that many of my friends had moved on from their youth and began buying houses, settling down and most ofContinue reading “Why Having Children is Immoral”